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Uttar Pradesh State Wide Area Network

About NIC Ballia

UPSWAN is one of the major Projects to boost IT/Network infrastructure in the State to be implemented soon. It is one of the 27 Projects under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). UPSWAN will have the distinction of a state owned network providing all three services - Data, Video & Voice (IP based). The project is funded by DIT. NIC is the implementing agency for UPSWAN. In addition to the National e-Governance projects, UPSWAN can also be used for education, telemedicine, training to Government officials etc. Some of the key application areas identified for UPSWAN are -

  • Treasury Online a G2G & G2C application
  • Lokvani
  • Land Records Computerisation
  • Transport Computerisation
  • Rural Development
  • Panchayati Raj
  • Police, etc

Features :-

  • A backbone network to provide connectivity right upto the village level
  • Internet Ready Blocks, Tehsils & Districts
  • NIC is the implementation agency in UP
  • Interconnection with NICs satellite based Network (NICNET)
  • Capable to handle high volume high speed throughput of 34/8/2 Mbps.

List Of Engineers Posted at District Head Quarter NIC Ballia

Details of NIC-Net Engineers

S.No Center Name Name Contacts E-mail
1 District HQ Mr. Pankaj Singh ---------- ----------
2 District HQ Mr. Joseph Rai ---------- ----------

Details of UP-Swan Engineers

S.No POP Name Name Contacts E-mail
1 District HQ Mr Ranjan Singh (Team Leader) ---------- ----------
2 District HQ Mr. Gautam Verma ---------- ----------
3 Tehsil Sikander Pur Sonu Verma ---------- ----------
4 Tehsil Bansdih Mr. Abhinav kumar Shukla ---------- ----------
5 Tehsil Belthra Road Mr. Manoj Kumar ---------- ----------
6 Tehsil Rasra Mr.Jitendra Kumar Gupta ---------- ----------
7 Tehsil Bairia Mr. Dinesh Kumar Tiwari ---------- ----------
8 Block Shohawn Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh ---------- ----------
9 Block Nagra Mr. Arun Kumar Kushwaha ---------- ----------
10 Block Reoti Mr. Arvind Mishra ---------- ----------
11 Block Garwar Mr. Sameer Kumar ---------- ----------
12 Block Maniar Mr. Ritesh Singh ---------- ----------
13 Block Dubhar Sunil Kumar Singh ---------- ----------
14 Block Chilkahar Randheer Sharma ---------- ----------
15 Block Murli Chapra Mr. Rahul Sahu ---------- ----------
16 Block Belhari Mr. Suneel Kumar ---------- ----------
17 Block Beruarbari Mr. Amit kumar singh ---------- ----------


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