Administrative Setup

Azamgarh division consists of three districts namely- Azamgarh, Ballia and Mau, and is headed by the Divisional Commissioner Azamgarh. The Commissioner is the head of local government institutions in the division, in charge of infrastructural development in his division, and is also responsible for maintaining law and order in the division.

Ballia district administration is headed by the Disgrict Magistrate of Ballia. The District Magistrate is assisted by Chief Development Officer and Additional District Magistrate.

The district is divided into 06 Tehsils (Ballia, Rasra, Sikandarpur, Belthra, Bairia and Bansdih) and 17 Development Blocks (BANSDIH, BELHARI, BERUARWARI, CHILKAHAR, DUBHAD, GARWAR, HANUMANGANJ, MANIYAR, MURLI CHHAPRA, NAGRA, NAVANAGAR, PANDAH,RASRA, REVATI, SIAR AND SOHAON). Each Tehsil is headed by a Sub Divisional Magistrate.

Ballia district police is headed by a Superintendent of Police. It has 06 Circle Office and 31 Police Stations.